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New York City - A Guide to Midtown Manhattan

New York City Skyline at Sunset, USA

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New York City is home to many of America’s icons including many destinations and attractions including the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the world trade center. But in addition to these attractions New York is home to many local small-businesses that cater to loyal communities.

In this Travel Detail we’re exploring Midtown Manhattan.


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Airport Arrival & Terminal Exit

Upon landing and arrival at John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport via your airline's terminal follow signs towards Airtrain, Parking & Taxis via Skywalk.

  • Head up the escalators to  the AirTrain platform and ride the Airtrain Red Line towards Jamaica Station.
  • Upon arrival at Jamaica Station, exit the Airtrain by purchasing an AirTrain exit fare from the automated ticketing system. When prompted to select which pass to purchase, be sure to only purchase the AirTrain Exit for $8.00 as AirTrain tickets are not re-loadable with the standard NYC Metro Card.


  • After exiting the AirTrain find your way to the ground level curbside and walk towards signs pointing to Street  & Subway E, J, Z.


  • While navigating the New York subway system can be stressful, Strideley Travel Advisors are experts at navigating New York's public transportation system.
  • As you approach the subway entrance, ensure you purchase a 7-Day Unlimited Pass for $33.00 in addition to a new subway card for $1.00. (Yes, it may seem redundant from the AirTrain ticket, however, AirTrain tickets can not be used for standard subway or bus fares). With your 7-Day unlimited subway card in hand, ride Subway Line E to 7th Street station and find yourself in beautiful Midtown Manhattan.


Day 1 - Morning in New York's Midtown

Start your morning right by enjoying one of New York's specialty bagels at Best Bagel & Coffee on 36th St. and 7th Ave. and enjoy a breakfast bagel. New York is known for its bagels and pizza and the bagels at Best Bagel & Coffee is a must-try on the list.

Best Bagels & Coffee

Strideley's recommendation: Breakfast Bagel or Lox Bagel.

Location: 225 West 35th Street. New York, NY 10001

New York bagels also compliment the many specialty coffee shops in Midtown Manhattan. With your bagel in hand head over to Café Grumpy for some delicious pour over coffee. The coffee shop's name might sound off-putting but we guarantee the staff and baristas at Café Grumpy are some of the nicest baristas in New York.


Café Grumpy

Strideley's recommendation: Spicy Mocha Latte

Location: 89 E 42nd St Lexington Passage New York, NY 10017


With your spicy mocha latte in hand, head over to Bryant Park to enjoy the rest of your coffee and people watch until you and your party work up an appetite for lunch.


Day 1 - Afternoon: Lunch and Shopping


For lunch load up on some homemade style pasta from Toscana 49. 

Famous for its pasta dish, the paglia e fierno con panna, is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy the pasta among other patrons dining. Should you elect to enjoy a lighter meal for lunch, be sure to ask the restaurant staff for their recommended selections.


Toscana 49

Strideley's recommendation: Paglia e fierno con panna.

Location: 143 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017


With your hunger satisfied, take a stroll to the Rockefeller Centers' Channel Gardens to admire local and international art. Spend time admiring the garden while also browsing the various shops at Rockefeller Center and explore your shopping interests at Sak's Fifth Avenue.


Day 1 - Evening: Aerial View of NYC

To close your first day in the big apple, make your way towards Times Square to admire the eclectic signs that makes New York shine. Immerse yourself by taking in the sounds, smells, and street performances at Times Square. 


As you become hungry pick up a slice or an entire pizza pie from the famous Joe's Pizza and enjoy what truly makes New York Pizza special.


Joe's Pizza

Strideley's reccomendation: Margharita pizza slice

Location: 1435 Broadway, New York, NY 10018



End your evening by having a beverage of choice at one of many rooftop bars in NYC while you retire for the night and prepare yourself for the next day of adventure.



Day 2 - Morning: Coffee and City Views overlooking Roosevelt Island

As you stride to explore new city streets start your morning by heading over to a local coffee shop to pick up a coffee. Shake things up and be bold by trying a pour over from a specialty coffee shop. Ditch the Dunkin' and the Starbucks and enjoy a hand crafted and carefully poured pour over from 787 Coffee.

787 Coffee

Strideley's recommendation: Pour over coffee

Location: 401 E 58th St, New York, NY 10022

Coffee in hand with your body buzzed from your first indulgence of your pour over coffee, head over to Roosevelt Island and see New York from a different vantage point - away from the sounds of the city and immerse yourself in a temporary escape.

After embracing Roosevelt Island and its little oasis, head back to the city for a light snack at Penelope by having a Nutella Toast and other brunch options for you and your hungry party.


Strideley's recommendation: Nutella Toast

Location: 159 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

Day 2 - Afternoon: Appreciate Local and International Art at the Museum of Modern Art

Walking through New York City's streets can be very stimulating for your senses. In addition to the city's art and architecture, wander the halls of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) to take in the unique and contemporary styles of local and international artists.

Day 2 - Evening: Sunset at the High Line

Depending on the time of year, New York has stunning sunsets. One particular place we at Strideley are fond of is catching the sunset at the High Line.

Before catching the sunset at the Highline, frolic the grounds at Hudson Yards and admire the architecture of The Vessel and enjoy snacks from food truck vendors.


As the sun sets and the wind starts to pick up, find signs directing you and your party to the Highline for an unobstructed breathtaking view of New York City's sunsets. 

Day 3 - Morning 

On your third and final day in the city, wake up to some freshly brewed coffee at Gregory's Coffee.

Strideley's Recommendation: Charcoal Latte

Location: 1407 Broadway, New York, NY 10018

With specialty coffee flowing and satisfying your taste buds, sip your coffee while walking over to Grand Central Terminal. Depending on whether or not you and your party wishes to head out of Midtown Manhattan, Grand Central Terminal allows you to travel to any part of New York accessible via subway or train. While at Grand Central Terminal, look up at the ceiling to admire and take in the constellations and incredible architecture the station has to offer. Being at Grand Central may very well be busy and to avoid people bumping into you, step to the side to admire the beauty of Grand Central Station.

If deciding to stay in Midtown Manhattan, head out to the street and find yourself looking up at New York's skyline and take in views of the Chrysler Building from the vantage viewpoints from Grand Central Station.

Day 3 - Afternoon: Shows on Broadway

Before continuing on with your day, work up an appetite walking the streets of New York and find yourself at Daniela Trattoria for their delicious Chicken Marsala. New York is definitely the melting pot of the United States and you and your party would be able to find any type of cuisine within walking distance in this great city.

Daniela Trattoria

Strideley's recommendation: Chicken Marsala

Location: 728 8th Ave. New York, NY 10036

No visit to New York City is complete without an entertainment special by catching a Broadway show. Check out local shows on for a show that interests you and your party.

Day 3 - Evening - Desserts in Koreatown & Night stroll to the Empire State Building

Being entertained at the Broadway show will leave you hungry for more entertainment as well as, hopefully, food. Satisfy your last night in New York City with a nice dinner at a Korean restaurant, Omasil. Be sure to order their Pork Shank or their Kimchi Fried Rice.


Strideley's recommendation: Pork Shank or Kimchi Fried Rice

Location: 5 West 31st Str. New York, NY 10001

At the restaurant respectfully omit dessert and take an after-dinner stroll to 32nd Street for burnt style cheesecake at Grace Street.

Grace Street

Strideley's recommendation: Matcha Burnt Cheesecake

Location: 17 W. 32nd St. New York, NY 10001


New York has its charm and captures the hearts of many. End your evening by walking past the Empire State Building and reflect on your time in the big apple.

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