A Foodie’s Cruise Come True!


You hear about all the great things each country has to offer but have you heard about food from cruises? From Miami to the Dominican Republic, we love traveling on cruises for the culture, the food, and the people. Did we mention how good the food is there???

Virgin Voyages is a floating foodie’s paradise, no question about it!

Here at Strideley, like many others, we are not shy to say we definitely are foodies! And to be able to travel and eat delicious food is always a win in our books! So when we first heard of Virgin entering the cruise realm, we were excited! After hearing so much about the ship and the modern twist they decided to bring into the cruising world we were ready to hear what food they would be offering!

Virgin Voyages is a floating foodie’s paradise, no question about it! Unlike the usual and typical meals in the cruising world that takes the form of buffets, and rotating sit down restaurants, Virgin Voyages decided to scrap all of that and truly make it a for you experience. You are no longer limited to the usual limited rotation of the restaurants on most ship but everything is open for your choosing just like here on land. With over 20 eateries on board, sailors have the option to eat something new for every meal! And worry not, food is very much included in your package, so eat as much as you want!

With so many eateries that not only include sit downs but also quick bites in the galley (food court) there are a few places we are most excited about! Virgin Voyages decided to be the first in the industry to bring KBBQ on board! Located at their eatery called Gunbae, sailors are able to happily enjoy a night of KBBQ with their group while sailing the sea! Gunbae offers the classic KBBQ options such as Kalbi and Pork Belly but also gives sailors plenty of options for other korean dishes like Bibimbap and Japchae.

Another exciting eatery provided on the ship is The Test Kitchen. A fun and exciting concept to bring to those who are not in the deep food scene back at home. The Test Kitchen offers a revolving menu where tastebuds’ boundaries are pushed to bring an experience like no other! The Test Kitchen provides a space for experiment and education that creates another level of social experience, the ultimate test of trusting your chef.

What is also great about the different eateries and menus on board Virgin Voyages, most if not all of the eateries make sure to offer dishes for those who have chosen the Vegan, Vegetarian, or Gluten-free lifestyle. Make sure to double check with your first mate (agent) or with the crew onboard to see exactly where these food options are available.

So for those looking to relax in the ocean but enjoy something new and exciting, come on board Virgin Voyages and have the time of your life! For more information contact Strideley at [email protected].

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